Stop Losing Contact Lens Sales to Online

Yesterday’s approach to selling contacts is costing your practice and profiting online competitors. Today’s savvy patient expects upfront pricing and options. Lensquote meets the needs of today’s patient, leading to more annual supplies than you ever thought possible


Would you like an annual supply today?

How many boxes is that?

How many lenses are in a box?

How much does a 6 month supply cost?

I’ll just buy 2 boxes today, thanks.

Does this sound familiar in your office? Does your staff spend time trying to convince your patients to buy an annual supply? Or worse, do they simply ask “Would you like an annual supply?”

Imagine your comfort level if you were asked to buy a TV in a store with only one option, no price and no sale promotion. Yet, that’s how many of us ask patients to buy their contacts in our office!

Customers want 3 key pieces of information when making a buying decision: options, prices and value. They want it before they’re asked to buy, and they want to see their options.

Lensquote gives your practice an impressive visual presentation to make it easy for your patients to make the right decision.

Help your Staff

Easy to use, Lensquote turns them into master salespeople

Show Patients the Benefits

Fast and transparent, helping patients make better choices

So They Buy More Annual Supplies

Patients benefit and your practice benefits

Helping your Successful Practice Grow

We challenge you to see the benefits for yourself - sign up for your 30 Day Free Trial today!

Why Lensquote?

If you want to sell more contacts, you need Lensquote. It’s an intuitive tool that eliminates sales talk and sales training, replacing it with an approach that takes care of all the selling for you. That means a happier, more relaxed staff, more contact lens revenue—and happier patients.

What can you expect?

Integrating Lensquote in your practice couldn’t be easier. It gives your staff fast, accurate contact lens quotes for patients in a simple, transparent way—with the added benefit of psychologically driven best practices. Unlike other solutions that require extensive training and new processes—or worse yet, delay your income—Lensquote is something you can use and benefit from today.

The Lensquote advantage

Other solutions target patients once they’ve left your practice or spread payments out over time. The Lensquote philosophy is different: We believe the best option is to collect your payment immediately and sell the patient while they’re in your office. You have a big advantage over online retailers because you actually know your patients—why waste it?

What Your Colleagues are Saying

Carl Erickson, O.D.

Midland Eye Associates

We have been using Lensquote for almost two years. Initially we saw an 18% increase in revenue. As established patients became more aware of the pricing structure and presentation, we have seen a substantial uptick in our capture rates, annual sales and revenue. This tool has helped make our contact lens department very profitable and competitive.

Sam Herbert, O.D.

Napa Valley Optometric Group

In our first 3 months of using Lensquote, revenue grew over $10,000 from last year. Some patients would say they wanted a 6-month supply, then when they got home would call to change it to an annual supply, all because of the printed quote!

Brittney McWilliams, O.D.

McWilliams Vision Care

My staff loves using Lensquote! It's so much faster and includes more information than our previous way of quoting contact lens pricing.

Nick Belill, O.D.

Belill Eye Care

Our biggest success was with a patient who's well-known for ALWAYS ordering a 3 month supply of dailies like clockwork through the year. With Lensquote, she ordered an annual supply dailies for first time ever!

Features & Benefits

Instant Updates

New Lens? New Rebate? No problem: updates happen immediately.


Your staff will thank you for making the sales process easier than ever.

Computer, Tablet, or Print

Lensquote is optimized for all platforms, giving you total flexibility.

Unlimited Users

No need to purchase multiple licenses or worry about workstations.

No Software to Install

Lensquote is entirely web-based--we don't mess with your computers.

Ultimate Support

From pricing entry to training, we'll take care of your office.

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